Birthday Present for Myself

29, Feb

2019-20 Capitol Season Show! Regular $25 Student $20 THEATRE & MUSIC Season Bundle: Four shows for $110 THEATRE & MUSIC Season Bundle is $110.50 and…

Ian Parker

4, Mar

A Nelson Overture Concert Society Presentation! FULL SEASON DISCOUNT UNTIL OCTOBER 6TH! All four concerts for $100! Tickets: Regular: $27.50 Student under 18: FREE Beginning…

From the Heart. One Day. One Circle.

5, Mar

Adults: $5 Students: FREE (students still need to book a seat!) This is an assigned seating show, so please be sure to book seats ahead…

5th Annual Indigenous Culture Celebration

6, Mar

Adults: $10 Students: $5 The Capitol Theatre’s 5th Annual Indigenous Culture Event! Aligning with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Actions, Indigenous stories, songs,…

Caws & Effect

7, Mar

2019-20 Capitol Season Show! Regular $25 Student $20 Crows are re­dreaming the world. Is the future all it’s cracked up to be? Caws & Effect…

Rent the Capitol Theatre

For information on renting, contact our Box Office Manager at 250-352-6363, or email at capitolnelsonbc (at) gmail (dot) com. 
For additional technical specs, please email our Technical Director –  tech (at) capitoltheatre (dot) ca

Lighting System

We have an ETC Sensor Dimming Rack with 72 2.4 kW dimmers and an ETC Ion Lighting Console. Our front wash is composed of Source 4’s, Chauvet Colorado 2 Zooms provide a top wash, and we have a selection of additional instruments for specials.


Sound System

Our Allen and Heath QU24 mixing console can be placed in the booth or in the house.  There is a 24 input Stage box located stage right at the SM position.   We have additional gear to provide basic sound needs.  For larger requests, it may be necessary for renters to hire a P.A.  For complete sound inventory please email the TD.

Video Projection System

We have a Christie DWU775-E projector in the lighting booth at the back of the house. It can be projected onto the cyc at the upstage wall or onto the screen at the proscenium arch.  There is an additional $100 charge for projector use.

Orchestra Pit and Pianos

The orchestra pit accommodates approximately 20 musicians. The theatre has 32 music stands that are available to your group, but you must provide your own orchestra lights.

There is a Yamaha C6 available for an additional $100 charge.  Tuning can be arranged if requested.  There is also a Yamaha Clavinova 560 available.

Other Staging Information

We have a wired Clearcom system with positions Stage Left and Right, Mid-House, and in the Booth. Our curtains are made of high-quality fire resistant velour. The main drape is controlled from stage right as are the black midstage and upstage travellers. There are four moveable black legs. No set painting is permitted onstage.

Our dressing room can be partitioned to make two separate rooms, or can be left open for one big dressing room. There are washrooms and showers on each side of the dressing room. The Green Room is also available for use.

Alcohol is prohibited backstage and pyrotechnics and open flame are prohibited onstage.