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Independent Animation – Capitol Season

June 8, 7:00 pm


Independent Animation – Capitol Season

Tickets: $10/$15

Kootenay Moving Pictures and the Capitol Theatre present curated animated films from across Canada and around the world. This animation film festival is an event that showcases a diverse selection of films that celebrate the artistry and creativity of animators, featuring a wide range of styles, storytelling techniques and voices. Audiences can immerse themselves in the captivating world of animation and discover the magic of animated storytelling.

Varken (Pig) | 8:30m | 2023 | Jorn Leeuwerink | Netherlands
A group of animals hook up a power grid to the socket-shaped snout of one big, sleeping pig. The animals use the pig’s energy for simple things at first, but soon render themselves dependent on the pig with every single thing – the useful and the useless – being automated…

Perhaps Never | 2m | 2023 | Maedeh Mosaverzadeh | AB
PERHAPS NEVER captures the quiet ache of losing something beyond our grasp amidst wildfires. It weaves a delicate tale of beauty and tragedy as flames engulf the landscape, blending digital sketches and hand-painted frames to depict nature’s struggle against destruction and offering a heartfelt call to cherish and protect what remains before it’s too late.

Nay-Neigh | 4:30m | 2023 | Terri Lemire-Wilson | SK
While struggling to grow up and find his own way in life, a young boy learns to chase his dreams with the help of a mysterious, magical pink horse.

The Long Game | 3m | 2023 | Paul Johnson | BC
65 million years ago a time traveler from the future arrives and immediately gets crushed by a massive foot! Our 3 dinosaur heroes get sent on an exciting modern baseball journey like no other.

AniJam: In the Clouds | 5m | 2024 | Various artists across Canada
This AniJam collaborative project was born out of a desire to connect during 2020 when artists were isolated. The Animation Festival of Halifax asked people to submit short animated clips that start and end with the same simple shape. This year we chose the cloud. It has been a dreamy year; a great time to get lost in the clouds! We edited the submissions together into a single video and worked with musician Benn Ross to create an original sound score to complete the film. This project is an example of the good things that we can do when we work together and support each other.

Folds | 2m | 2023 | Andreas Fobes | PEI
Coming to you from the Charlottetown Zine Fest FOLDS is whatever you make it. Entrancing and intriguing, this film is a beautiful study of the subconscious.

Downtown Reverie | 3m | 2023 | Anna Abi Daoud, Sam Llewellyn | NS
A collective memory of North End Halifax’s unique energy.

Two One Two | 4m | 2023 | Shira Avni | QU
TWO ONE TWO combines shimmering clay on glass animation with personal archives in this deeply intimate, experimental animated documentary love letter to motherhood, parenting on the spectrum, and two headed monsters everywhere.

Starry-Eyed | 3m | 2023 | Emma MacCabe | NS
Sometimes the dimmest lights burn just as bright, they’re only further away.

Testigo del Viento (Wind Whisperer) | 6:30m | 2022 | Fernanda Caicedo | Ecuador, Germany
At the end of the horizon a singing cicada is born. Its flying is short, yet its chanting is eternal. Represented by the symbolic world of nature, WIND WHISPERER describes the fragile sparkle of life and the transformation of the passing state of a cicada. With her beautiful singing the cicada embodies not only the fragility but also the complexity of a living being. She reveals her instinctive journey through love, growth, acceptance, transformation, death and infinity.


Image is a still from the Creston Valley Film Society’s submission for
IN THE CLOUDS: ANIJAM, a collaborative short animation produced by

Performance venue:

The Capitol Theatre

421 Victoria Street
Nelson, BC V1L 5R2
Phone: (250) 352-6363

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